Agenda’s, resources, postings, and attendance counts from past meetings.

2017 Meetings

December 6th Meeting Agenda (Attendance – 36 signed in, 45 attended)

Jay’s Guideline Updates

Harm Reduction Coordinator Contact Information:

October 4th Meeting Agenda (Attendance – 41)

August 2nd Meeting Agenda (Attendance – 33)

          HepCAP Steering Committee Call for Applicants

          NASTAD – Hep CAP Presentation

April 5th Meeting Agenda (Attendance – 41)

February 2nd Meeting Agenda (Attendance 21)

2016 Meetings

October Meeting (Attendance – 37)

June Meeting (Attendance – 27)

April Meeting (Attendance – 47)

CME Opportunity: Hep C for Primary Care Practices

April 6th Slides: Hepatitis C in Pennsylvania, Hep C Policy & Advocacy Updates

April 6th Meeting Highlights

February Meeting (Attendance – 27)

2015 Meetings

June 3rd Meeting Highlights

Hep on the Hill Materials

May 6th Meeting Highlights

February 4th Meeting Highlights

February 4th Slides: Philly Health Corps, Hep C Outbreaks, Treatment Access

2014 Meetings

December 3rd Meeting Highlights

October 1st Meeting Highlights (Attendance – 23)

August 6th Meeting Highlights (Attendance – 32)

June 4th Slides: Hep Awareness Month, Christine Witt Capstone, Policy Updates (Attendance – 31)

June 4th Meeting Highlights

List of Corporate Grant Programs

April 2nd Meeting Highlights (Attendance – 33)

April 2nd: Iredia Olaye, Prevention Point Slides

April 2nd: Roseanne Scotti, Creating a Compelling Campaign Slides

April 2nd: Roseanne Scotti, Hep C Message Box Handout

February 5th Meeting Highlights (Attendance – 50)

2013 Meetings

December Meeting Highlights

August Meeting Highlights

June Meeting Highlights

April Meeting Highlights

March Meeting Highlights

February Meeting Highlights

Feb 2013 -Clinician Education Workgroup Call Notes

2012 Meetings

Dec 2012-HepCAP Meeting Highlights

Oct 2012-HepCAP Meeting Highlights

Oct 2012-HepCAP Meeting Flyer

Sept 2012-HepCAP Meeting Agenda

Sept 2012-HepCAP Meeting Highlights

June 2012-HepCAP-Meeting Agenda

June 2012-HepCAP Meeting Highlights

Feb 2012-HepCAP Meeting Agenda

Feb 2012-HepCAP Meeting Highlights

Apr 2012-HepCAP Meeting Agenda

Apr 2012-HepCAP Brainstorm Activity